Yamaha CX Series

Crisp attack. Sparkling tone. Clean harmonies.
This is the birth of a new series of grand pianos that builds on the legacy of Yamaha's CFX concert grand piano.

The Legacy of the CFX Continues

Preserving tradition is not the same thing as refusing to change; rather, it is from the ongoing search for perfection that traditions emerge. And when it comes to the tradition of crafting a grand piano, there is a sound, a tone to which only those who strive constantly to outdo themselves can aspire. For almost half a century, Yamaha's world-renowned C Series grand pianos have continued through a gradual process of refinement. The CFX full concert grand piano was built from the knowledge, techniques, and experience gained during this long period. Craftsmen poured everything they new into the creation of this instrument, seeking to attain sonic perfection and achieving bold new steps in piano design. The CX Series extends this work further, providing a clear sound with a clean attack, sparkling tone, and transparent harmonies, all encased in an elegant, flowing form. The end result is a series of instruments that is refined in tone, yet bold in design, the product of a dedication to innovation that allows Yamaha to remain true to its heritage.

CX Series pianos represent progress that is commensurate with Yamaha's 125th anniversary year - progress that will transform any room in which you play into a concert hall.

One of the most important factors in achieving a rich tone is the support provided within the instrument. When playing powerful fortissimo the force exerted on the instrument causes it to bend slightly, losing energy. The part of the piano that accepts this force and transforms it into deep reverberation is called the back frame, which could be likened to the skeleton in a human body. On the C3X for example, this back frame is approximately 20% thicker than on other pianos, providing significantly improved support, and reflecting the considerations on which the CX Series has been completely redesigned. We had three objectives in the design of the new CX Series; solid support for the bracing, a soundboard that vibrates as freely as as possible, and a tone that matches the directionality of the sound produced from the instrument's body. This directionality is fundamentally the same as that of Yamaha's flagship CFX concert grand; in fact you could say that they were developed based on the same concept.

Available models include the C1X, C2X, C3X, C5X, C6X, and C7X.

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