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brandy okeefe bio page
Brady O’Keefe
Pronouns: he/him
  Contact Brady: 860-932-2424

Teaches: Audio, Songwriting, Sound Recording, Music Production
Styles: All Styeles
Specializes In: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, One-on-One Instruction

From a young age, music has been a formative influence in Brady’s life. Having grown up watching and listening to his father play the piano, Brady had some early insight of the creative freedom that a musical instrument could offer. He began playing the guitar at age 12 and rapidly became obsessed with the instrument, as well as the music and culture surrounding it. Brady continued exploring music as a teenager, seizing any given opportunity to learn other instruments and ways of making music. One facet that he immediately felt drawn to was recording his own music. This interest would eventually grow to play a pivotal role in Brady’s life. Having been mostly self-taught and with years of real-world experience as a musician and audio professional, Brady has enjoyed sharing his expertise through teaching. He has an affinity for teaching guitar to students of all ages and skill levels. Brady also offers lessons in a diverse range of audio engineering disciplines, from recording to producing electronic music, focusing lessons on the interests and aspirations of his students.

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My Approach to Teaching

“I would describe my style of teaching as conversational and engaging. As someone that would often struggle with my own attention span as a student, I try my best to keep students actively participating and contributing to their own learning, which allows them to understand material on a deeper level, while allowing me to more accurately assess how much information they’re absorbing. I always make an effort to get to know a student’s unique interests, personality traits and the main challenges they must overcome in order to progress. Everything I teach is always geared towards musicality. I believe that the process of learning any musical skill should always reflect the joy and freedom of music, which will naturally foster the self-discipline and motivation that all musicians must develop.”


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jennifer brevik
Jennifer Brevik

Director of Education
Falcetti School of Music

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Rachel Lloyd-Sterbenz
Rachel Lloyd-Sterbenz

Education Administrator
Simsbury CT

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