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Keys For Kids

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Keys For Kids

Keys for Kids is a signature piano class that helps children develop a wide range of musical proficiencies that can be applied to any instrument they may later choose. Teachers are trained and licensed in this program by its founder, Inga Magid. This program focuses on music fundamentals, encouraging immediate understanding of otherwise abstract music theory. Keys for Kids does all this in a fun, interactive, and social environment.

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This comprehensive program includes ear training and early note reading. Students will understand the language, not just memorize. Caregivers are a part of the class and actively learn with their child. The classroom is furnished with keyboards for child and caregiver participation. Families are encouraged to have a piano/keyboard at home for practice.
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Mini Keys: Ages 4+

Mini Keys Ages 4 plus program description

Children develop their musical ear for melody, rhythm, and harmony through listening activities, singing, expressive movement, echoing and copying, imitation, partner games, aural activities, and playing piano and rhythm instruments while learning to read rhythms, musical symbols and notes on the staff. Initial keyboard playing activities comprised of ensemble music leading to short solo performances. The elements of music are presented in a colorful, interactive, and unforgettable way with movement and stories reinforcing musical concepts for an enjoyable and comprehensive musical experience.

Kinder Keys: Ages 6+

Kinder Keys Ages 6 plus program description

This comprehensive dynamic class encourages independence, creativity, and self- expression based on the more advanced abilities of this age group. A wide variety of games and exercises inspire enthusiasm and confidence while reinforcing musical concepts. The elements of music are introduced in an interactive way to best take advantage of a child's expressive reaction, memory, and enthusiasm. The joy of expressing music is emphasized as children develop deeper feeling and understanding of music through ear and rhythm training, music theory, movement, solfege singing, keyboard solo and ensemble playing, and music notation.

Super Keys: Ages 8-12

Super Keys Ages 8-12 program description

This fast-paced comprehensive program incorporates more advanced music theory, keyboard technique, keyboard solo and ensemble playing, arranging and improvisation, singing, and sight-playing that take advantage of this group’s greater ability to analyze patterns (melodies, harmonies, rhythm, etc.) and memorize. New musical elements are reinforced through a variety of individual and ensemble keyboard activities. Students learn to transpose, compose, perform solos, and develop exceptional listening skills and ensemble technique by being part of a keyboard orchestra. Children develop a firm musical foundation in a supportive environment.

We have a 3-lesson (or 3-week) satisfaction guarantee for all new students. At Keys for Kids, we are so confident that you'll love your class here that if you decide that the program is not a good fit for any reason prior to your 4th scheduled session, we will issue you a refund for all unused classes.

Sibling discount: $40 off the tuition is given for families with 2 or more enrolled students (assumes full 18-week semester enrollment for each child).

Referral discount: Refer a friend and you both receive a $25 tuition credit.
Tuition credit will apply to the first semester after the new student’s enrollment (assumes full 18-week semester enrollment).

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What Students Say...

I started in Keys for Kids eleven years ago when I was in kindergarten. I loved the classes and later on my private piano lessons at the studio. Now I’m 16, devote much of my free time to my musical activities, and my high school music theory teacher thinks I’m “a genius.” Thank you Inga! - Jackson Thea, Keys for Kids alumnus

Keys for Kids was a fabulous way for my son to learn how to play piano in a fun way. As a parent, I appreciated being a part of the group classes and having the knowledge to support my child practicing at home. I was impressed by the creative and innovative lesson plans to make theory, ear training and playing come to life. - Priscilla Cohen, parent

We love Keys for Kids! The curriculum is very effective and kid-friendly. With this method, our children have quickly learned how to play the piano...and it's been fun along the way! This program develops the fingers and the brain, giving our three children a solid foundation in piano practice and music theory. - Lex Johnson Isaiah


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