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Whether you live too far from our facilities, or simply wish to remain online for convenience, we offer top-notch lessons for any instrument and ability level. Study music from the comfort of your own home through fun and engaging virtual instruction. We are committed to providing the same high-quality lesson instruction that you’d receive in-person. Watch the intro video.

Online Rates

Enjoy your weekly lesson from the convenience of your own home.

30 Minute Weekly
$ 140 /month
  • Pre-Pay 3 Months
    Save 5% - $399

  • Pre-Pay 6 Months
    Save 10% - $756

  • Pre-Pay 12 Months
    Save 15% - $1428
45 Minute Weekly
$ 190 /month
  • Pre-Pay 3 Months
    Save 5% - $542

  • Pre-Pay 6 Months
    Save 10% - $1026

  • Pre-Pay 12 Months
    Save 15% - $1938
60 Minute Weekly
$ 245 /month
  • Pre-Pay 3 Months
    Save 5% - $698

  • Pre-Pay 6 Months
    Save 10% - $1323

  • Pre-Pay 12 Months
    Save 15% - $2499
Frequently Asked Questions...
What equipment do I need? (Internet access, webcam, printer if there are worksheets or sheet music?)
A strong Internet connection (Ethernet cable strongly recommended) is required for lessons. You are welcome to have a secondary webcam that allows you to show your hands on the piano, or the instrument up close. Your teacher may suggest a book, send links, or PDFs for your lesson. You may wish to have printed materials if this is how you work best. A secondary device can come in handy to view music or to play a karaoke track, if needed.
What happens if I or my teacher need to reschedule?
While your lessons are scheduled for the same day and time each week, we understand conflicts or illness arise. With over 24-hours of notice, our teachers are often able to reschedule your session. If a teacher must miss your scheduled lesson, they are required to give a make-up lesson.
What is a good age to start online classes?
Students under the age of 7 may require a caregiver be present at the onset or during the lesson, especially at first. Once set-up is complete, young ones are often just fine on their own with their teacher.
What happens if I lose my Internet connection during the lesson?
We highly encourage our students to use an Ethernet connection for the best possible Internet connection during lessons. If the Internet is a little slow, sometimes turning off the video for a moment fixes it. If there is a complete Internet outage the lesson will be rescheduled.
Do I have the same teacher for all my lessons?
Yes! On rare occasions, we may need to provide a substitute teacher. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, so we aim to keep the instructor the same for the duration of your lessons.

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