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Repair & Maintenance

Are you having difficulty with your instrument? Maybe a key on your clarinet or saxophone is loose, the trumpet valve or trombone slide is sticking. What if your violin won’t stay in tune, electric guitar string broke or volume knob is not working? What if you’ve dropped your instrument and it broke? Even if you don’t know what's wrong, but your instrument isn’t playing easily anymore. What do you do?

Don’t worry, Falcetti Music is here to help guide you. At Falcetti Music we include our Repair and Maintenance service with every band and orchestral instrument we rent, to help ensure the playability of our instruments while in the care of inexperienced hands. This includes damage due to accidents. If you’re renting your school band or orchestral string instrument from us, all you need to do is call us and we’ll make arrangements to pick up your instrument and provide a loaner instrument to use while we repair your rental.

If you own your instrument, we’re still here to help! Let us perform an Instrument Repair Evaluation to determine the most suitable service for your instrument to get you playing again. Refer to the general listing of services provided below.

Direct inquiries email:  repairs@falcettimusic.com - or call 413.543.1002

Fretted & Bowed Instruments
fretted instruments repair

guitars, bass guitars, ukuleles & mandolin

• Electric & Acoustic Guitar Set-Up
• Guitar & Bass Electronics Evaluation
• Pickups, Pots, Switches, Jacks, Capacitors, & Wiring
• Estimate and recommendations for replacement
• Re-String
• Nut Repair or Modification
• Strap Button Installation/Replacement
• Tuning Machine Replacement

violins, violas, cellos & basses

• Basic Set-Up or Deluxe Set-up
• Bridge & Tuning Peg Replacement
• Seam Repair
• Fingerboard Re-Attach
• Single String Replacement
• Install String Adjusters
• Replace Tailpiece
• Replace Tail Gut
• Re-Set Sound Post
• New Sound Post

Brass & Woodwind
woodwind and brass instrument repair


• Clean & Lubricate
• Complete Disassembly & Ultrasonically Cleaned
• Damage Repair (Dent Removal, Frozen Rods, Stuck Valves, Crack Repair, Soldering, Slide & Valve Alignment)


• Playing Condition (Replace Necessary Pads/Corks, Regulate & Oil Mechanisms)
• Clean, Oil & Adjust (Disassembly, Pads Leveled/Re-Seated & Cleaned)
• Mechanical Restoration (Disassembly, Removal of Major Reachable Dents, Keys & Mechanisms Swedged & Refitted, Key Cups Leveled as Necessary; Replace All Pads, Corks, Felts & Regulating Materials)

Electronic Keyboards
electronic keyboard and piano repair

Falcetti Music offers service and repair on most electronic portable keyboards and synthesizers.
Call or stop by for estimates.

For service on acoustic pianos or Yamaha Disklavier™, Yamaha Silent Pianos™ and Yamaha Digital Clavinovas, visit our piano division HERE.

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