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Repair Services

Repair & Maintenance

Are you having difficulty with your instrument? Maybe a key is loose, slide or valve is stuck or it just won’t stay in tune? What if you’ve dropped your instrument and it’s broken? Simply call us or fill out our online service request form below, Falcetti Music is here to help guide you through the process.

Falcetti Music’s repair & maintenance service department provides both repair services as well as regular maintenance services and is ready to help you care for your instrument. Our shop is fully equipped including state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaning capabilities. This technology is much more effective than traditional methods and eliminates the need to use toxic chemicals and is safe for the environment, technicians, and most importantly customers and their instruments.

Our team of professional repair technicians
are experts in servicing:

Orchestral Strings



Portable Digital Keyboards


Effects Pedals

Guitars & Bass

Service Request Form:

Don’t continue to suffer playing an instrument that is out of adjustment! Remember, it is the playability of your instrument that is most important.
It will determine your initial success.

It doesn’t matter what the problem is, our technicians will:
• Evaluate the instrument’s condition •
• Diagnose existing issues •
• Recommend appropriate options to bring it back to working order •

If you are renting your instrument from us, repair & maintenance service is included in your rental fee.
Simply fill out the adjacent form or call (413) 543-1002.
We’ll make arrangements to pick up your instrument and provide a loaner instrument to use while yours is serviced. This helps to ensure that valuable practice time is not lost.

Piano Tuning, Regulation & Repair Services

If you are looking for tuning or service on your acoustic grand or upright piano, or for repair service on your Yamaha Clavinova, AvantGrand™, SilentPiano™, or Disklavier™, then please use the PIANO SERVICE FORM found HERE. A service representative will get back to you.

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