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Lesson Policy

Lesson Policies, Terms and Conditions

1. Falcetti School of Music offers 30, 45, and 60 minute lessons:
a) There are holidays when Falcetti Music is closed; the monthly lesson rate is the same.
b) Students enrolled in multiple lessons, and/or families with more than one child enrolled will receive a discount off each additional enrollment.
c) Lesson and group enrollment requires our auto payment plan, billed on the first of each month, and automatically charged via credit, debit, or ACH.
d) If you have purchased a lesson discount package: 35 days prior to your package end-date, you will receive an email to change or confirm your next lesson packages. If you do not respond, the following month, we will reissue the same package to your account and charge accordingly through autopay.

2. In the interest of the health of our teachers, if your student is feeling even mildly unwell, please mask up or make arrangements to have their lesson held online. To ensure we can accommodate an online lesson, teachers need ample notice before the scheduled lesson.
a) Masking in lessons is not required, but should be discussed with your teacher to suit everyone’s comfort levels.
b) If you or your teacher tests positive for flu or Covid, make-up lessons or remote instruction (if the student is feeling well enough) will be offered. Please make arrangements directly with your teacher.

3. Falcetti School of Music will offer online lessons if the store closes due to inclement weather. If a teacher is absent, a substitute may be provided or a make-up lesson scheduled. Notification is provided via email and posted on our website if Falcetti Music closes due to inclement weather. Notification is provided via phone, email, and text for teacher absences, if no substitute is available (adjust contact preferences on your MyMusicStaff settings).
a) We are closed for the following holidays: New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Lessons and groups occurring on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve will be rescheduled as needed due to reduced store hours (11am-5pm). If your religious holiday exempts you from attending lessons, please notify us at least a week in advance and we will ensure you receive a make-up lesson.

4. We require a 30-day advance notice for termination of lessons. Falcetti School of Music will not provide refunds nor guarantee rescheduling for lessons not attended or canceled by the student/billing contact. If student-absent make-ups are left unscheduled, they will expire within three months. Advance purchase lessons will not be refunded in the event of early termination.

5. If your account is overdue for 30 days with out a plan established with the Education Team, lessons will be suspended and collection services pursued.


1. 60-minute Group Classes and Ensembles are billed monthly, due in advance, automatically charged to your card each month.

2. Specialty programs have unique billing structures and scheduling:
a) Tots N’ Tune - rolling admission, tuition paid in full, two make-up classes available at the end of each session.
b) First Steps in Music (Simsbury only) - tuition paid in full prior to session beginning.
c) Build-a-Band - three month minimum commitment paid monthly, concert held at end of each three month session. 30 day notice required to unenroll.
d) Keys for Kids - 18 week commitment paid upfront (can be split into 2-3 payments if needed).

3. Falcetti School of Music will not provide refunds nor guarantee rescheduling for groups not attended or canceled by the student/billing contact.

4. Student Behavior: Caregivers will be notified of poor student conduct during sessions without caregiver attendance. During any session requiring adult presence, caregiver is responsible for maintaining proper student conduct. Teachers will discuss acceptable and expected behaviors with families, and continued misconduct may result in the removal of the student from lessons/groups.
a) Should your instructor need to miss a class, you will be provided with a substitute, make-up date, or credit to the following month’s bill.

5. Sibling discounts are offered off each additional enrollment:
a) 60-minute Group Classes - $2 off per class
b) Tots N’ Tune - 25% off
c) First Steps in Music (Simsbury only) - 25% off
d) Build-a-Band - $10 off monthly
e) Keys for Kids - $40 off per semester
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