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Musical Readiness - Timeline

Readiness Age: Birth - 4 years

Tots N’ Tune and First Steps in Music

tots in tune and forststep music programs

Tots N’ Tune and First Steps in Music: group programming exposes your young one to music and helps child and caregiver bond and explore together! These sessions help to socialize, aid in name recognition and language development, and foster a love and curiosity for music.

... Age 2

By age 2, group interaction becomes more fun and varied: your child will start to move differently to varied musical styles as they develop musical preferences and improve coordination. If you’d like private early childhood music instruction, we can focus on your toddler’s learning styles and interests while trying different musical elements and instruments.

... Age 4

age four violin and piano music programs

At age 4, some young ones are ready to begin hand drumming, string instruments, or piano in a private setting.

Readiness Age: 4 - 8 years


build a band music program

In this captivating class, we delve into nurturing the innate musicality within your child. From the very first note, this small group will be guided through musical skills like pitch and melody, building a foundation that will resonate throughout their lives.

Keys For Kids

Keys for Kids music program

Keys For Kids combines traditional teaching methods in a fun and innovative program. Students are held to high standards while nurtured in a warm and supportive environment.

... 5 years old

5 year old children music programs

Many 5-year-olds are ready for drum kit lessons. It is also a great age to begin piano and string lessons.

... 6 years old

6 year old children music programs

Depending on hand strength and bone development, your 6-year-old may be ready for ukulele or guitalele. Recorder can be a great introduction to those interested in woodwinds like flute and clarinet.

... 7 years old

7 year old childrens music programs

At age 7, your student is ready for guitar and bass lessons. Some are ready for voice lessons at this age: a vocal assessment will ensure your child is developmentally ready for vocal study.

Readiness Age: 9+ years

... 9 years old

9 year old music programs

At 9, your student is ready to learn brass and woodwind instruments. Most students are ready for voice lessons at this age as well, with a classical focus most often beginning at age 14.

... 9+ years old

12 year old student music programs

At 9+, your child is broadening social circles ever wider and becoming more independent. Musical groups and ensembles can help with socialization and finding like-minded peers.

Readiness Age: Adulthood

... Adulthood

Adult music lesson programs

Music isn’t just beneficial for kids. Our brains maintain malleability (known as neuro-plasticity) well into adulthood - learning new skills, whether in a private setting or group setting, helps us maintain flexibility and memory in our brain.

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