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Springfield MA - Simsbury CT


Springfield MA - Simsbury CT


Step aside Big Kids, little rock stars ages 4-7 are ready to take to the stage! Not all little ones are ready for private instruction just yet, what better way to begin than to join a REAL band? No more imagining, your kid gets to experience band rehearsals and live performances in a fun and social environment. They'll learn guitar, drums, keyboard, and voice with age-appropriate songs.

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This fun rock band format helps kids feel good about their abilities, and to grow together with their peers! Students have the opportunity to perform in a concert in front of a supportive, cheering audience: boosting confidence and their love of music. Watch the intro video.

Sibling discount: $10 off the tuition per month is given for families with 2 or more enrolled students (assumes full 3-month semester enrollment for each child).
Referral discount: Refer a friend and to receive a $25 tuition credit.
Tuition credit will apply to the first semester after the new student’s enrollment (assumes full 3-month semester enrollment).

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What Students Say...

She got to actually work with a group in a band. [This] taught her a lot about give-and-take and supporting other people. She gets a lot out of Kidzrock from a social aspect.
- Marie Boesch, parent

He started playing music right away... and reading music from a very young age. If your child has any interest in music, this is a great way to cultivate that love of music.
- Julie Sandler, parent

He was playing that little guitar after just one class. Watching him on stage performing with his band was amazing. One of the best decisions we ever made!
- Marissa Rosen, parent


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