Learning a musical instrument is therapeutic and a great stress reliever. When you have extra time on your hands, it is a creative activity and a healthy outlet to focus on. Learning a musical instrument through online lessons is easy and fun. Our experienced teachers give personalized lessons online via your personal computer, laptop, smart phone, or tablet. We offer the lessons using popular video conferencing platforms. When our lesson facilities reopen to the public, Falcetti Music will also offer private music lessons taught in our store, as well as performance and band opportunities!

How do I know if online music lessons are right for me?
Everyone knows that there are plenty of “learn how-to-play” videos on the web to watch, but those videos don’t compare to the value of personalized lessons. Our Teachers customize each lesson specifically for you with one-to-one instruction. Online lessons are live, interactive sessions with a talented and experienced teacher. Our music teachers have successfully taught many online lessons to children and adults of all ages and levels. Falcetti Music is offering new students a free trial lesson. We feel confident that you will enjoy the online lesson experience and want to sign up for lessons on a weekly basis. This is an excellent time to "find your sound" by signing up for those lessons you always wanted!

What do I need to learn online?
The things you’ll need are: an instrument, an internet connection, a device capable of video conferencing such as a smartphone/tablet/laptop, and headphones and mic (optional but recommended). We’ll schedule a time (FREE) prior to your trial lesson to guide you on how to set up your device so you can easily get going with productive instruction.

Just fill out the form below and our Director of Music will get right back to you and help you get setup for your first FREE Online Music Lesson!

How To Get Setup For Online Lessons

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Falcetti Music has been sharing the joy of music with thousands of people in Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut for over 60 years. It all started as a small retail store and place to learn and play music. Today, hundreds of students come through the doors each week to study and make music of all types.

We're inspired by making music...

Our mission is to help share the joy of music through teaching lessons to people of all ages and skill levels, provide public music performance opportunities for our musicians, and create live music events for the community to enjoy.

*the walk-in retail music division of Falcetti Music is closed until May 4th.

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